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This is for research and programme management purposes. Your Youth Movement/Organisation may contact your school or synagogue for a personal reference. Some Youth Movements may prioritise places for members of specific synagogues/streams of Judaism. For more information, please contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly.

This is for research and programme management purposes. Your Youth Movement/Organisation may contact your school or shul for a personal reference. 

School & Synagogue

School & Shul

The Applicant's preferred Stream of Judaism


You can choose between our Chayeinu and Artzeinu tracks to personalise your experience in Israel. Whether you like culture and society or prefer the great outdoors - you have the opportunity to pick the track best suited to you!

On Chayeinu you will experience the culture and society of Israeli life

On Artzeinu you will experience the history and geography of the land of Israel

For more details on each track please go to bauk.org/israel-machane and have a look at our brochure!


We will endeavour to give applicants their preferred option however we can make no guarantees.

Please have in mind your friend choices when selecting your preferred track.

UJIA Financial Assistance

UJIA Israel Experience and the Youth Movements/Organisations who run Israel Tour are committed to financial inclusion wherever possible, and offer the opportunity to apply for bursaries and payment by instalments for families who are unable to meet the costs of the Programme or require more time to pay.
The deadline for applications is Monday 28th March 2022  (unless otherwise directed by your Youth Movement/Organisation - please check the relevant literature). However, we strongly recommend that anyone looking to apply for financial assistance should complete the form and submit it as soon as possible. We deal with applications on a first come, first served basis, therefore if you do not apply before the deadline, we cannot guarantee that there will be funds available. You can also contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly for more information.
Terms and Conditions of this Submission

Terms and Conditions

1)    Completion of Form I and Form II does not constitute a “booking”, it is simply an initial application form. Booking and confirmation of a place on Israel Experiences will only be confirmed when initial payment is taken.

2)    The price and dates each youth movement or youth organisation have disclosed are provisional and therefore not yet confirmed.

3)    We anticipate that it will be the responsibility of the participant to have purchased Travel Insurance, specifically for cancellation and curtailment regarding COVID-19. More information will be detailed on this at a later stage, please do not purchase any insurance for your child/ren until we advise you to. Purchasing this insurance now (when the FCDO advise against travel, and both Israeli and UK borders are closed) will possibly invalidate any claims you may make in the summer.

4)    At the time of booking, there will be a cancellation policy available if you choose to cancel your child’s place from Israel experiences after you have booked. Full information will be in the terms and conditions disclosed at the time of booking however please note that if you choose to cancel your child’s place, depending on how near to departure this is, you may not receive a full refund.




1.1       “Applicant” means the child applying to take part in the Programme

1.2       “JAFI” means The Jewish Agency for Israel, 7th Floor, Central House, 1 Ballards Lane, London, N3 1LQ.

1.3       “The Programme” means Israel Experience as described in the promotional material.

1.4        “Youth Movement/Organisation”: This is the communal body with which Applicants are or become affiliated for the purpose of the Experience. These bodies will set the programming and the character of the Experience and engage with JAFI to provide the actual logistics on the ground. The Youth Movement/Organisation acts as an agent for JAFI. By completing the Application Form provided by the Youth Movement/Organisation you will be entering a contract with JAFI.

1.5       “UJIA Israel Experience”: This means a department of the Jewish Agency which is financially and educationally supported by UJIA. UJIA Israel Experience facilitates and assists with the planning and implementation of Israel Experiences.  

1.6       “The Tour Provider in Israel”: This refers to the company in Israel responsible for the land arrangements for the purposes of Israel Experience. 

1.7       “The Organisers”: This refers to the collective partner organisations involved in running Israel Experiences in relation to the Programme that you have applied for. This includes JAFI, UJIA Israel Experience, the Youth Movement/Organisation and the Tour Provider in Israel.

1.8       “UJIA Bursaries”: UJIA bursaries are available to Applicants whose Parents/Guardians are unable to meet the cost of the Programme.  They are provided by the United Jewish Israel Appeal, a registered charity.


Next Steps


The Youth Movement/Organisation will review your application and assess it in line with their selection and criteria policies. You will hear from them directly in due course as to whether you are invited to further your application by completing “Form 2” which has detailed questions regarding the Applicant’s background and needs (i.e. medical, welfare etc).


You will be required to complete “Form 2” of the Programme by the deadline specified by the Youth Movement/Organisation.


If you fail to complete “Form 2”, or fail to provide subsequent information requested of you, and/or fail to pay the balance as required, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel your Application and it will be considered that you have cancelled your Application and you will be liable under the terms of the Cancellation Policy.


Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance and Payment by Instalments are available through UJIA and your Youth Movement/Organisation and are awarded jointly as a combined offer through your Youth Movement/Organisation. Applications are made using the online financial assistance application form which you can request from your Youth Movement/Organisation.


The deadline for financial assistance applications is Monday 3 May 2021 (unless otherwise directed by your Youth Movement/Organisation – please check the relevant literature).


If you are offered financial assistance or payment plan, you will receive varying terms as to paying the balance of the Programme.


If you apply for financial assistance and are unsuccessful in achieving the funding you require for a place on the Programme, and subsequently cancel your application, you will be entitled to a full refund of any payment made.



Privacy Policy


By submitting this form, the Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) consents to and agrees that the Applicant’s personal data including medical data may be processed and shared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) for the following purposes:

•           In the case of emergencies, disclosed to third parties (including emergency services, aircraft assistants, medical teams and governmental or regulatory bodies in the UK, Europe and/or Israel (e.g. UK Foreign Office or equivalent body));

•           For dealing with any legal matters which may occur (e.g. sharing information with lawyers and insurance companies);

•           For the provisioning of insurance cover in respect of the Programme to the insurance company either in the UK, Europe or Israel;

•           To assess the Applicant's suitability for the Programme and the activities it entails;

•           By The Organisers, UJIA and Reshet, the Network for Jewish Youth Provision, in relation to medical or welfare support if required;

•           For general administration of the Programme including flights and billing for example;

•           To conduct anonymised statistical research using elements of the Applicant’s data such as demographic data for the purposes of research and improving the programmes for the future;

•           In assisting UJIA Israel Experience crisis management team that are on standby to deal with any issues that may arise whilst the Participant is participating in the Programme;

•           For any other safeguarding, medical or legal issue that The Organisers deem to be reasonable. 


With specific regard to religious information, The Organisers may process and share the religious information provided by the Applicant in the Application Form for the purposes of: 


•           Placing the Applicant in suitable accommodation;

•           Anonymised statistical research; 

•           Any other social or welfare issues that The Organisers deem to be reasonable.


In accordance with the GDPR, all data is stored on secure servers and we maintain a strict access policy on a needs-only basis.

UJIA Israel Experience, UJIA and the Youth Movement/Organisation are joint Data Owners and of the data submitted for the Programme. The Organisers are joint Data Controllers of the data submitted for the Programme. 

You have the right to request information we hold about you. If you wish to make an enquiry, please contact the Data Controller at either UJIA or the Youth Movement/Organisation via the general enquiries contact information.



In order to process your Application, we require payment of a deposit. In the event of the Programme being oversubscribed and/or your Application not being accepted, your deposit will be refunded.
If you intend to apply for Financial Assistance, you still need to pay a deposit now. In the event that your Financial Assistance application is not successful and you are unable to proceed, your deposit will be refunded in full.
If you are unable to pay the full deposit at this stage, please contact youth Youth Movement/Organisation directly to discuss.
Please add an additional £53 for Mas Chaver (membership) for 5778 which runs from September 2017 – August 2018 to the price of the deposit, if you have not paid this already).
Those applying for Financial Assistance can pay a reduced deposit at this stage. We require a minimum deposit payment of £100 to process this application.
Payment Info


In order to process your Application, we require a deposit.
In the event of the Programme being oversubscribed and/or your Application not being accepted, your deposit will be refunded. If you intend to apply for Financial Assistance, if possible you should still pay the deposit now, and this will be refunded in the event of your Financial Assistance Application not being accepted. For Financial Assistance Applicants, if you do not wish to pay the deposit at this stage, please contact FZY directly on 020 8201 6661 to discuss.
Payment Info