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This is for research and programme management purposes. Your Youth Movement/Organisation may contact your school or synagogue for a personal reference. Some Youth Movements may prioritise places for members of specific synagogues/streams of Judaism. For more information, please contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly.

This is for research and programme management purposes. Your Youth Movement/Organisation may contact your school or shul for a personal reference. 

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Israel Machane – Tracks Programme Selection

Am Yisrael, b’Eretz Yisrael, v’Al Pi Torat Yisrael – What does this mean?

This is the foundation of Bnei Akiva’s ideology – showing a commitment to the People of Israel, in the Land of Israel, under the Laws and Values of Israel. This commitment runs throughout all of Bnei Akiva’s programming but it plays a truly unique role in Israel Machane. 
On Israel Machane, chanichim have the opportunity to see how this commitment plays out in Israel itself. Through touring the country chanichim will visit different communities, encounter new ideas and experience a broad range of opportunities only available in Israel. 
On Israel Machane this year we are proud to give you the opportunity to explore one of these core aspects in further detail. For three days Chanichim will continue to tour Israel but with a bespoke focus via unique activities. 
To help you make your decision here is a brief outline of the themes, topics and experiences that each track will touch upon. 

Am Yisrael 
This track will go straight to the heart of Israeli society, exploring politics and the conflict, engaging with people of faiths, race and cultures, and witnessing the modern Start-Up Nation. 
Through exploring the Arab-Israeli conflict, participants will gain a greater insight into both the various arguments of the conflict - visiting key sites of significance - as well as having the opportunity to engage in the efforts made on both sides to resolve the conflict and bridge the gap towards peace. This track will help participants better understand the rich fabric of Israeli society, such as experiencing Bedouin or Ethiopian culture, learning about Israel’s minority faiths,  and grappling with the everyday struggles of Israel’s LGBT and refugee groups. Chanichim will also be able to see what the future has in store for Israel through discovering the Start-Up Nation. 

Eretz Yisrael 
This track will enable chanichim to appreciate the land of Israel through hiking up to 10 km and cycling across the Galil Region of Israel. Participants will be sleeping under the stars and experiencing the great outdoors. 
This track will enable a better understanding of the land itself, learning to survive in the wilderness. Whilst on this trek they will learn about the geography of Israel, how the land comprises of a vast array of eco-systems and the importance of preserving these, not only for the enjoyment of future generations but for the development and sustainability of the State of Israel.
This track may be inappropriate for chanichim with injuries or medical conditions that make hiking or carrying a moderately heavy backpack difficult.  All chanichim will be required to carry 4.5 litres of water in their backpack every day.

Torat Yisrael 
This track focuses on the religious nature of Israel, looking at the archaeological and biblical history of Israel, how Judaism is confronting the issues of modernity, and the relationship between religion and state.  
Chanichim will be guided through active archaeological sites by leading scholars and academics. They will also explore the more modern Jewish history, through a special training seminar at Yad Vashem. They will have the opportunity to confront the big questions being asked of Judaism today, such as the role of gender and sexuality in religious life. Chanichim will also experience unique projects looking to bridge the gaps between different denominations of Judaism, as well as what it is like to learn in a Yeshiva or Midrasha. 

Please list which track the Applicant would like to do in preferential order. You must complete all three choices, each with a different response. Tracks will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. NO TRACKS CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER 31ST JANUARY 2019.
UJIA Financial Assistance

UJIA Israel Experience and the Youth Movements/Organisations who run Israel Tour are committed to financial inclusion wherever possible, and offer the opportunity to apply for bursaries and interest-free loans for families who are unable to meet the costs of the Programme or require more time to pay.
The deadline for applications is Friday 8 February 2019 (unless otherwise directed by your Youth Movement/Organisation - please check the relevant literature). However, we strongly recommend that anyone looking to apply for financial assistance should complete the form and submit it to the Youth Movement/Organisation by email/post as soon as possible. You can also contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly for more information.
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For any other safeguarding, medical or legal issue that The Organisers deem to be reasonable. 

With specific regard to religious information, The Organisers may process and share the religious information provided by the Applicant in the Application Form for the purposes of: 

Placing the Applicant in suitable accommodation;
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Any other social or welfare issues that The Organisers deem to be reasonable.


In order to process your Application, we require payment of a deposit. In the event of the Programme being oversubscribed and/or your Application not being accepted, your deposit will be refunded. If you intend to apply for Financial Assistance, you may still pay the deposit now, and this will be refunded in the event of your Financial Assistance Application not being accepted. For Financial Assistance Applicants, if you are unable to pay the full deposit at this stage, please contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly to discuss.
In order to process your Application, we require payment of a deposit. In the event of the Programme being oversubscribed and/or your Application not being accepted, your deposit will be refunded.
Please add an additional £53 for Mas Chaver (membership) for 5778 which runs from September 2017 – August 2018 to the price of the deposit, if you have not paid this already).
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