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This is the email address that will be the main point of contact for the Youth Movement/Organisation. Generally it should be the email address of the Parent/Guardian who will be contactable throughout the year and during Israel Tour.
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This is for research and programme management purposes. Your Youth Movement/Organisation may contact your school or synagogue for a personal reference. Some Youth Movements may prioritise places for members of specific synagogues/streams of Judaism. For more information, please contact your Youth Movement/Organisation directly.

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Data Protection Statement

By submitting the Online Application Form, the Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) consents to and agrees that the Applicant’s personal data including Medical Data may be used:

For the processing of personal data outside the EEA pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998;
In the case of emergency and disclosed to third parties (including emergency services, aircraft assistants, medical teams and governmental or regulatory bodies in the UK, Europe and/or Israel (eg: UK Foreign Office or equivalent body));
For dealing with any legal matters which may occur (eg: sharing information with lawyers and insurance companies);
For the provisioning of insurance cover in respect of the Programme to the insurance company either in the UK, Europe or Israel;
To assess the Applicant's suitability for the Programme and the activities it entails;
By The Organisers and the UJIA in relation to medical or welfare support if required;
For general administration of the Programme including flights and billing for example;
To conduct anonymised statistical research using elements of the Applicant’s data such as demographic data for the purposes of research and improving the programmes for the future;
In assisting the UJIA Israel Experience crisis management team that are on standby to deal with any issues that may arise whilst the Participant is participating in the Programme;
For any other safeguarding, medical or legal issue that The Organisers deem to be reasonable. 

With specific regard to religious information, The Organisers may process and share the religious information provided by the Applicant in the Application Form for the purposes of: 

Placing the Applicant in suitable accommodation;
Anonymised statistical research; 
Any other social or welfare issues that The Organisers deem to be reasonable.